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Revenge -- An AU Ultimate Muscle RPG

Okay, forget about what happened in the animé, we're talking about the MANGA version. You know, Kid vs. Kevin, Chojin Crown final... who won? It was Kevin. And what happened after? Kid Muscle mysteriously vanished. Us Ultimate Muscle fans are taking that plot and giving it a new twist. So... in the manga, Kid disappeared until Demon Seed, but what if Demon Seed never happened? Would Kid still be missing? Where did he go? I'll tell you where; the dMp...

* This RPG is rated R
* Only three characters per person
* Stay active - don't join and not roleplay.
* Original characters are allowed, but I have to approve them first
* Sweet mother of God... NO MARY-SUES PLEASE!
* Yaoi and yuri are allowed, so no bashing

Most of the RPs take place over AIM and MSN. These RPs are only between two characters. The events that take place during these RPs are then turned into journal entries and updated on the character's respective journals from their points of view. If they want to, other character's can update their journals based on those events. Most of the other RPGs will end up in the board (the link is in the community). At the board, anyone who is at that place at that time can enter the RP whenever he or she chooses. OOC notes will be in the community.

* mantaro Mantaro
* pumpinator Pumpinator
* _jacqueline Jacqueline
* turbinski Turbinski
* el_ninoniseirpg El Nino
* ikeman_niseirpg Ikeman
* marseskara Mars
* meato_kun Meat
* hydrazoa Hydrozoa
* forkolossus Forkolossus
* terrykenyon Terry
* kiki_rp Kiki
* neo_dragon Kevin
* kuroe_flash Lord Flash

First I’ll get even, revenge is sweeter
And then I’ll make you proud, when you can laugh out loud

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