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Style Of RPing

Okay, every character has their own personal journal (so go ahead and create your character journals ^_~) in which they write their thoughts and interact with the other characters - normal journal style.

And then in the community, all the events would be writen like in the RP board.

For example: "Mantaro walked around the dMp base, thinking about everything that had happened to him since he'd joined. And he wondered, only for a few seconds, if it was all worth it..."

Then, at the bottom you write this: Tag (whichever character you want to interact with)

I have also changed the '1 character per person' rules to 2 characters, as we probably won't get many members in this RPG.

Also, for your character's first post, you must starte their allegience. Either; Muscle League, dMp, neutral or undecided.

dMp images:
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