kuroe_flash (kuroe_flash) wrote in nisei_rpg,

Dangnabbin' thing...

Hello? Is this on? Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now? This is Lord Kuroe Flash, also known now to the world as Warsman. It is...some day, during some time. It's a bit cloudy outside... Where is Kevin at? I'm not entirely sure... He won the Chojin Crown Tournament, which is where our alliance ends. I have paid the debt to his father, and now I must depart. I just moved into a new apartment complex and decided to keep my 'human' name. I like it. It's nice, has a nice ring to it, don't you agree, Comrade? Anyway, to my utmost shock it turns out that I somehow managed to move to the same place as the Muscle League's Terry Kenyon and boy is he a terrible neighbor. The boy needs to learn some manners and it's my job to beat some sense and respect into him. I'll bet if he went to my school od wrestling he'd be much more refined! Hello? Is this thing working? Can you hear me now? Dagnab thing...
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