Dangnabbin' thing...

Hello? Is this on? Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now? This is Lord Kuroe Flash, also known now to the world as Warsman. It is...some day, during some time. It's a bit cloudy outside... Where is Kevin at? I'm not entirely sure... He won the Chojin Crown Tournament, which is where our alliance ends. I have paid the debt to his father, and now I must depart. I just moved into a new apartment complex and decided to keep my 'human' name. I like it. It's nice, has a nice ring to it, don't you agree, Comrade? Anyway, to my utmost shock it turns out that I somehow managed to move to the same place as the Muscle League's Terry Kenyon and boy is he a terrible neighbor. The boy needs to learn some manners and it's my job to beat some sense and respect into him. I'll bet if he went to my school od wrestling he'd be much more refined! Hello? Is this thing working? Can you hear me now? Dagnab thing...


You know... I hate to do this, but I was hoping to be really far on this RPG by now, as far as a possible dMp vs. Muscle League showdown.

If you still want to RP your character(s), please comment in this post using their journals (this includes seperate journals for the characters, so those with more than one RP journal will have to reply once for each character).

If you haven't commented by the 30th of this month, then I will be taking your character down from the list.

[EDIT1] S Darkness is dropping Terry, Jeager and Roxanne.
[EDIT2] Wings is dropping Jairo and taking Terry.
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Ikeman entered the Muscle League Headquaters.
He had decided it was time to stop his drunken self-pity.
It was time to reorganize everyone. The I.W.F. could do as well without Kid Muscle as well with. Hell they could probably do better. Maybe even get some of the spotlight on some of the other Muscle Leaugers...
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Here he was, standing out side the muscle league, ready to mount an assault… and he couldn’t do it, he was so confident in his abilities he hadn’t bothered to wear his armor, merely sporting a white shirt and a pair of jeans and of cause the + marked worker’s helmet that had become his trade mark, but now standing there, in front of the Muscle Leaguer’s head quarters… he just couldn't do anything.

After a moment he sighed, annoyed with himself “They ain’t worth my time anyway.” He turned and walked away from the building, burying his hands into his pockets and just walking, not really aiming on ending up anywhere. He never thought it would come to this, him not wanting to spill blood, sick of his victims’ screams of pain, bored with the knowledge that he had rid the earth of another annoying human… he was tired of the killing.

He too soon found himself at the dMp’s head quarters; just had Mantaro had all those weeks before. He chuckled, lifting his helmet in one hand so he could scratch his head. “So this is the dMp’s HQ, eh? Well… with a sign like that they’re just askin' fer trouble from the Muscle League.”

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With nothing but a single rack sack slung over his shoulder, Hydrazoa waited at the airport, his plane back to Russia would be here soon. He was wearing a trench coat and an old detective style hat, covering himself up the best he could, ever since his match against Mantaro he was slightly conscious of people recognizing him, but it was almost impossible to hide his semi transparent body under layers of clothing.

People who didn’t recognize him avoided him, those who did glared at the water creature and uttered harsh comments, as much as his fighting style betrayed him, it didn’t change the fact he was actually quite sensitive to retorts such as the ones he was getting.

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DMP Base

El Nino squeezed himself out of the air vent. Good God that was painful. But he had come to drag Kid Muscle back, espicially after what he had heard what Pumpinator had done to him.
It had been a dangerous journey. All he had was a gun and his own speacial ways of defense. He jerked his head, some one was walking near him...
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Jacqueline entered the private room and crossed over to where Forkolossus was sitting (shackles and the usual around his wrists and ankles). The guards had taken the bag she had with her, but that was okay.. they didn't know about the crowbar she had hid on her.

Smiling at Fork, she sat down beside him.

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